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If you are handy you may decide to take on the job of installing a new suspended ceiling within your own Banstead property.  If you do, Surrey Ceilings Ltd would be happy to help you design, supply and deliver high quality suspended ceiling materials from leading manufacturers direct to your Banstead home.
There is extensive information online that can help you through the steps of installing a suspended ceiling within your Banstead property.  You will need to research the following steps:

  • Sketch a scale layout of the ceiling on grid paper
  • Assess any risks to your safety or others within the process and take precautions
  • Determine your drop and fix the perimeter for your suspended ceiling ensuring it will clear the lowest ceiling obstruction
  • Hang the screws from the joists and install the runners in a grid formation
  • Cut the panels to fit the smaller openings and any light fittings, smoke detectors etc
  • Slot the panels into the grid

If you are too busy or don’t feel confident installing the suspended ceiling within your own Banstead property you can rely upon the expertise and experience of Surrey Ceilings Ltd.  We have detailed knowledge of how to effectively and expertly install suspended ceilings both within Banstead domestic properties and large commercial units.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can work with you on your Banstead suspended ceiling project.



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Surrey Ceilings Ltd offers high quality suspended ceiling installations in Banstead properties. Besides, they provide design and supply services, delivering materials from renowned manufacturers. They are also willing to guide homeowners through the installation process, from planning to execution. However, for those unable to undertake the project, Surrey Ceilings Ltd's experts can be relied upon for the task. Their clientele primarily consists of large businesses and commercial customers. The company was established in 1969 and continues to maintain high standards in its service.

Usage in the UK:

Surrey Ceilings Ltd is a prominent service provider in the UK for two-folded ceiling services – DIY installation and professional fitting, according to the client's preference. They not only offer detailed instructions for DIY installations but also a direct home delivery of high-quality suspended ceiling materials from leading manufacturers for the residents of Banstead.

For those unwilling or unable to perform such a project themselves, Surrey Ceilings Ltd extends its expertise and experience to take over the job. Their impressive client roster indicates their stronghold in both domestic and commercial sectors addressing ceiling installation needs. Being operational since 1969, their long-standing presence in the market testifies of their consistent, high-quality service.

Surrey Ceilings Ltd, with its extensive experience, caters to a diverse range of clients, primarily large businesses and commercial customers. Their expertise in the ceiling installation sphere spans from working with suspended ceilings to plasterboard ones, inclusive of various ceiling finishes. Their commitment to servicing and maintaining their customers is demonstrated by their continued growth and customer satisfaction over the years.

For all Banstead residents interested or requiring a suspended ceiling project, Surrey Ceilings Ltd stands as a reliable and high-quality service provider. You can touch base with them at their Horsham office, Chertsey office or drop in an email queries or requests to one of their dedicated email IDs. Their foolproof expertise channelled through decades of experience in the field ensures the best ceiling services in the town.

Our Clients

Our impressive roster of clients primarily includes large business and commercial customers, including the following:

Surrey County Council


Woking Borough Council


Guildford Borough Council


Waverley Borough Council


major property maintenance consultants, such as Mouchel Parkman, WS Atkins and DHP


local building contractors


local businesses.


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Surrey Ceilings Ltd is a leading ceiling contractor, who specialize in the design and installation of suspended and plasterboard ceilings along with all type of ceiling finishes. Established back in 1969 as a family run business, Surrey Ceilings continues to grow by servicing and maintaining all our new and existing customers to the highest possible standards.

If you have a ceiling enquiry, please feel free to call us on 01932 874568

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